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How do I join a hosted chat? If you have keys - just hop into the room. If you do it a few minutes earlier you'll get to catch up on how everyone is doing before the topic discussion starts. To get keys you need to actively participate on forums for the past 30 days and send a keys request (takes a few days to process).
What happens there? A one hour long group discussion focused is on a pre-set topic relevant to abuse and/or its aftermath. There are no speakers, moderator only facilitates the chat: keeping the conversation on topic, asking questions, etc. Chats are focused on topics that are interesting to everyone in the room, and that everyone is welcome to comment on. We do not alternate "supporting" anyone specific, even if they are having a bad day. Rooms are open 24/7, if you need support - you are welcome to stay in the room after the chat is over and continue the discussion or talk of something more pressing.
How is it different from the rest of the chat? Outside of hosted chats people come and go, topics fluctuate, and nobody knows what's being discussed in a room unless they are there, so many members miss out on an interesting topic that took place while they were in another room or browsing forums. Hosted chats provide the opportunity to focus on a specific topic, without distractions, and to know from beforehand what the topic will be. Finally, keys are only given to people who have been on Fort for a while and understand and follow our guidelines, so hosted chats offer a generally calmer environment.
What is the netiquette? Format is casual, feel free to participate as much or as little as you wish, as long as you're not being disruptive (e.g. with off-topic remarks or repeatedly going in and out of the room). Interrupting the chat with your status updates is considered bad manners: if you came in late, need to leave early, or are going on brb - just do it quietly.
Can I suggest a topic? Absolutely. Many topics come from your suggestions. Just say it before/after the chat, send a pm to the host, or post your idea in corresponding forum folder.

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