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Thank you for being here, below are some of the ways you can make Fort grow bigger and help abuse survivors worldwide.

Publish your poetry or memoirs
Abuse is a deeply personal and sensitive issue, but the internet allows us to talk of it anonymously, without disclosing our identities. You don't have to be a professional writer - what matters is voicing your perspective, so that other people can learn from you.

What was it like, to press charges against your ex? What did it feel like when your father passed away? How do you handle raising children while having DID? Imagine how many people are facing the same issues and would love to hear your first-hand experience. Share your thoughts, feelings, helpful tips you've discovered, your joys and struggles - that's how our library came to be and keeps growing and helping abuse survivors world-wide.

  What does the blue button say?

Write a memorial
We honor those who have died through abuse by sharing their stories on our Memorial Wall. Select a person to write about below.

Just click on the photo you like: the next page will give you a link to news articles about them, and a field to type up a summary of who they were and how they died. One or two paragraphs is all we need to add their anniversary to our calendar.
Add your artwork to our quilt
Send us pics of anything abuse-related that you have created: drawings, paintings, doodles, sculptures, embroidery, photo collages, etc.
Whether you're an artist or just like to doodle, our Survivors Art Quilt always welcomes new additions. Some of us just don't have the words to share who we are and how we feel, or are concerned with privacy. Sharing your artwork can be a great alternative - sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

You can upload your artwork through the form on the left. Please write something about your art: what does this image represent for you, when did you create it, how does it make you feel to look at it, etc. Most image formats are accepted, but please refrain from sending images containing nudity or violence. Your email won't be published.
Other ways to get involved
If none of the above sounds appealing :)
  • Spread the word. Follow us on social networks (links on the bottom of the page), link to us from your blog, let your friends know if you've read an interesting page here.
  • Participate. If you see something on forums that you have a personal experience with - share it; the more diverse input there is, the more helpful forums are for everyone. That applies to guests as well: you're welcome to use our public forum as much as you wish, respond to threads with your perspective, etc.
  • We don't solicit or accept monetary donations because we don't feel it would be right to harass people who have been abused, are hurting, and have come here for support. Besides, accepting donations would put us in an awkward ethical position: it can't be done anonymously, so your privacy would be violated; moreover, community would start doubting our integrity and wonder if those who donate money get preferential treatment. We're run entirely by volunteers, so operational costs are minimal, and site owners are paying them out of pocket.
Fine Print
Obligatory legalese explaining that if you don't want your content published on Fort, you shouldn't send it :)
  • By submitting your writing through this page you state that you are the author and that you agree to it being posted on, in whole or in part. If you don't want it posted and wish to contact us for any other reason, expecting a response - please use the contact us page instead.
  • We don't guarantee that all the writings sent to us will end up posted on Fort. Please understand that these decisions are based on technical considerations and do not reflect our opinion on the validity of your story or the quality of your writing.
  • If you provide a valid email address, we can let you know when your writing is published, or contact you for revisions. We will not modify your writing without your permission in any way other than formatting, spell-checking, abridging if necessary, and adding a title if you didn't include one.
  • If you'd like to contribute something other than text - please contact us. We welcome images, audio files, youtube videos, flash presentations, or pretty much any other media.

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